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#ProjectYourLight Story 06: Monique Thomas

#ProjectYourLight Story 06: Monique Thomas



‪#‎ProjectYourLightStory‬ « To create something, you’ve got to allow yourself to be vulnerable and get lost in the moment. I never really know how a song will end when I start writing, but I trust that something good will come. Trying to analyse it too soon will almost certainly kill the creative process.

This is one of the greatest life lessons that my journey in music has taught me. Just to be present. Allow yourself to feel everything, don’t let your fears dictate. We can spend so much of our lives rushing through the precious moments life brings, in our quest for the extraordinary – when it’s right here. Right before our eyes.

A great song draws you in to a moment, causes you to think and awakens your senses. That’s what I hope my music will do for each listener. In the moments that they hear my voice, I hope they will be inspired towards love and that my words will give life to their soul.

I am nearly 8 months pregnant and have a new EP called ‘The Gift’ coming out on my due date! – the 28th April 2015. After contemplating how to release my new material, I decided to release it at the heart of what will be one of the greatest moments in my life. I look forward to celebrating and sharing it with the world.
…Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present. »

- UK Singer/Songwriter Monique Thomas

Check out her official website:

#ProjectYourLight Story 05:  Lánre

#ProjectYourLight Story 05: Lánre


10639597_915124988519654_1718413712916288630_n#ProjectYourLight « I love music, I really do, especially ones that tell a good story. When I started writing my own songs it was only natural for me to try and tell a good story through my music.
I’ve however always wondered if music can really change lives and does it really matter? Is there something in the way the melodies and rhythm connects with people in a very tangible way.

A few weeks ago, Charlotte Gomes put up a link on her social media about a documentary called Alive Inside. It follows social worker Dan Cohen as he fights against a broken healthcare system to demonstrate music’s ability to combat memory loss and restore a deep sense of self. I watched the documentary that night and what a story! I was convinced that night that music is has the capacity to reawaken our souls.

A few days after, I got a call from Breathe Arts Health Research to come play at a hospital based in London as part of their lunchtime concerts. It’s open to nurses, doctors and patients to come and enjoy some music for an hour.

I got to see in real time how people’s eyes light up when the music starts to play. Some of these people are Alzheimer’s sufferers. One of the Doctors I spoke to afterwards said she just popped in for a quiet lunch and thanked me because she felt refreshed and ready to get back to her patients.

I left the chapel feeling honoured to have been able to bring 60 minutes of soul awakening to a handful of people. »

(Lánre – Singer/Songwriter from London

#ProjectYourLight Story 04: Ben Williams

#ProjectYourLight Story 04: Ben Williams




« I can remember finding some Beatles L.Ps in my parents’ cupboard when I was about 6. Since then I’ve never looked back. A career in music wasn’t a conscious choice, just something that seemed inevitable, as music is always on my mind.

After graduating from university I was faced with the problem of how to make a living. I decided to try busking, with my good friend Kristyna Myles. We made some great connections through busking and I’ve had a great few years working as a guitarist and songwriter. 

I’ve recently finished recording an album of my own tunes, and am excited to release it soon. Hopefully one day a 6 year old kid will find my album in the back of the cupboard and start their musical journey. » 

Ben Williams (Singer/Songwriter -

#ProjectYourLight Story 03: Andrea Hamilton

#ProjectYourLight Story 03: Andrea Hamilton



« A few years ago, I became very ill with some scary and mysterious symptoms. After an emergency flight home from touring in Vietnam, some hospitals, blood tests, and crazy advice from well-meaning friends, The docs told me, “there’s nothing we can do.” I was informed that I may never sing the same again. Somehow through all of the confusion, a small part of my soul remained brave. It told me they were wrong – that I was born to sing. Since then, there have been many ups and downs, but I’M NOW SINGING AGAIN! And I’ve learned so much about healing and hope and bravery – all the things I’ve wanted to make music about for so long. »

Andrea Hamilton (Hopeful Pop – LA-based Singer/Songwriter)

#ProjectYourLight Story 02: Laura Esther

#ProjectYourLight Story 02: Laura Esther



 « One day in October 2009, I met an amazing English singer songwriter Kristyna Myles who gave me the confidence to pursue a career in Music. She’s been a revelation for me. Since then I finished my exams in Uni, studied in a music school for 3 years and moved to Manchester UK to work in music. I’ve been living in Manchester for a year and a half now. I work on my own songs and I’m also a singer at privates parties, restaurants, I don’t have any regrets. »

Laura Esther (French Singer/Songwriter)

#ProjectYourLight Story 01 : Morgan Manifacier

#ProjectYourLight Story 01 : Morgan Manifacier




« One of my most memorable moments as a performer was during a solo set at The Way Station in Brooklyn. I couldn’t have hoped for a warmer audience; everyone was welcoming, attentive, and responsive to my songs. At the end of the show, I decided to play a song called « Grande », which I had written as an homage to my deceased grandfather. After talking to them more about the tune, and about how my grandpa was such an inspiring figure of my childhood, I mentioned that they could sing along during the refrain, but only if they wanted to, no pressure. After singing the first verse, everyone in the room started singing along. It’s not the first time that it happened, but this time, it was completely different. Something clicked, at that specific moment in time, and all of our hearts were unified, we were all singing without any inhibition. Our chant grew, and grew, and grew, to the point where people were all shouting, clinking glasses, singing harmonies, you name it…

That night, they gave me something that touched my inner self in a way that is beyond what I can comprehend as a rational human being. It was by far one of the most beautiful moment I’ve ever experienced as a professional performer. »

Morgan Manifacier French Singer/Songwriter

Client News: Delaney Gibson

Client News: Delaney Gibson

We’re happy to announce that we’re now working with the talented Delaney Gibson. We invite you to watch her new music video « Stars », directed by Travis Mauck. Produced by Joshua Bartholomew, « Stars » is the fifth single from my album « Tall Like the Tree »
Delaney dedicates this song to everyone struggling to make a living out of their passion. This song, is a reminder to be bold, adventurous, and vulnerable.

We’re also launching, #StarsCampaign, a social media campaign which aims to encourage you to be more transparent and truthful in what you show to the world. Email with a photo of you being bold, vulnerable, your true self.

Fore more information about Delaney Gibson please check out our portfolio section.

Atelier Mentoring pour Créatifs: SHINE ON

Atelier Mentoring pour Créatifs: SHINE ON

Nous sommes heureux de lancer l’atelier mentoring pour créatifs « Shine On »


Nous sommes de plus en plus nombreux à vouloir nous lancer dans la conduite d’un projet créatif: monter sa propre entreprise, développer son application Smartphone, créer son blog ou encore se diriger vers une carrière artistique.

Concrétiser un projet qui nous tient à cœur est tout à fait possible mais pour cela, il est nécessaire d’avoir toutes les clés en main.

L’atelier de mentoring collectif « Shine On » vous propose d’entrer en contact avec d’autres personnes, capables de vous conseiller et de vous guider pas à pas dans l’élaboration de votre projet.

Cet atelier est là pour permettre aux participants d’échanger sur leurs propres expériences mais surtout de transmettre leurs connaissances tout en recevant des conseils en retour.

L’atelier est gratuit :  inscrivez vous dès maintenant, il vous suffit d’envoyer un e-mail: 

- à en objet « Atelier SHINE ON »

- Votre ville

- Quelques lignes sur votre projet créatif

Nous cherchons un minimum de 6 personnes par atelier et donc par ville,  n’attendez plus et parlez en autour de vous!

A très vite,

L’Equipe de Project Light

Client News: Kristyna Myles

Client News: Kristyna Myles


Congratulations to our client Kristyna Myles who has been nominated for a Mobo Award for Best Gospel Act. We need your votes now, go to The winner will be announced on 22nd October live in ITV from Wembley Arena. 






We’ve just launched her pledge music campaign to fund her new album « Paint A Brighter Day »  Head over to her pledge music page to join Kristyna on her journey to making her second record

Report from Shanghai

Kristyna will also be taking the Paint A Brighter Day Challenge for 60 days posting an uplifting or inspirational photo/ quote to encourage us each day to look at life with a glass half full mentality. Join the movement and post your own pics with the hashtag #PaintABrighterDayChallenge we’ll publish some of our favorites on the website!

More info at