#ProjectYourLight Story 04: Ben Williams

#ProjectYourLight Story 04: Ben Williams

#ProjectYourLight Story 04: Ben Williams




« I can remember finding some Beatles L.Ps in my parents’ cupboard when I was about 6. Since then I’ve never looked back. A career in music wasn’t a conscious choice, just something that seemed inevitable, as music is always on my mind.

After graduating from university I was faced with the problem of how to make a living. I decided to try busking, with my good friend Kristyna Myles. We made some great connections through busking and I’ve had a great few years working as a guitarist and songwriter. 

I’ve recently finished recording an album of my own tunes, and am excited to release it soon. Hopefully one day a 6 year old kid will find my album in the back of the cupboard and start their musical journey. » 

Ben Williams (Singer/Songwriter - http://benpwilliams.com/)

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