Inspired by some of the very best folk and folk-rock musicians of recent times – John Martyn, Dick Gaughan, James Taylor, The Staves and Foy Vance – singer-songwriter Conor Owen launches his exciting new musical venture: Ren.

Celebrating both a musical and a familial heritage, My Heart Belongs to Ireland, due for release early in 2016, is a richly evocative anthem to Ireland’s magnificent West Coast, a celebration of its haunting beauty and stirring history, its poetry, its people and its music.

A delicately expert guitar intro to this song, entirely suited to Conor’s gently modulated voice and softly lyrical words, produces a yearning melodic suggestiveness that captivates from the opening bars. Sustained and developed from that point by astute musical arrangement and orchestration subtly invoking the timeless allure of harsh landscape and rolling sea, My Heart Belongs to Ireland swells to the shore of its conclusion as a resonant evocation of ocean, sky and wind.