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Malone is a hip hop singer/songwriter from Paris, France. He has already succesfully released four records under his own record label « Le Temps d’une Note ». Malone is a talented artist who strongly believes in the power of words and music. With the release of his EP « Souffle » last year, Malone has expressed a keen interest in taking a more personal approach with his fans to share his message. He wanted his lyrics to resonate with his fans in order to connect with them, their goals and ambitions.

Our Strategy

« Sharing » was the watchword of this new approach, the essence of this new campaign. In April 2014, we decided to launch « A Living Room Tour » to promote his EP « Souffle ». It was the perfect opportunity for Malone to connect and get closer with his audience. We built a social media campaign around this new tour: after uploading several teasers videos explaining the project, people were asked to send a picture of themselves in their living room. The impressive feedback from his fans resulted in the booking of 15 dates in cities in France & Belgium, a rewarding experience which allowed Malone to share his music in an intimate setting.

Malone has released a new record in September 2014. « Second Souffle » is a french expression which means « a new lease on life » in english. This new record is following on from the direction taken in his last EP « Souffle ».

In order to promote the announcement of his upcoming release, we decided to launch a digital campaign of the same name to urge his fans to go after what they are passionate about. We released a serie of web-episodes where Malone interviewed different people whose journey inspired him: a person who decided to travel the world, another who quit her job to launch her own company.