KYNGS (Canada)

KYNGS (Press Photo)

KYNGS is a Canadian DJ/production duo consisting of Ashton Adams and Josh Polasz. The multifaceted duo span a wide range of genres from Hip Hop, EDM to genres across popular culture. The duo was formed in 2011 focusing greatly behind the scenes. Over the years the two have had the opportunity to work with artists from across the world helping them mold and develop their sounds. After working patiently behind the faces of many stars, the two are now ready to release their first singles under their own artistry, KYNGS.


Individually both Ashton and Josh have rich backgrounds in music. At a young age of 7, Ashton learned to hone his skills as a drummer, guitarist,  and finally leading to his new love, production. Similarly, Josh had experienced working closely with a number of bands across Canada helping create and produce records that would also mold his skills as a producer. Despite their different backgrounds the two have come together to work with notable labels including hip hop powerhouse Cash Money Records.


All of these experiences have helped spark their desire to inspire people through their music. This drive to give their music a different sound while still making it appealing to the masses led to the creation of KYNGS.



‘Let U Go’ is an experimental singer/songwriter single by Kyngs. It is  an EDM/Hip Hop influenced pop song developed for the ears of the everyday person. ‘Let U Go’ talks about an unworthy-one-sided romantic compromise that becomes too exhausting to continue. Throughout the song the listener is told of the difficulties of cutting ties with a long and drawn out relationship and coming to the understanding that he needs to ‘Let U Go.’