Joy Oladokun



It’s her name, it’s her vibe, and it’s the feeling you get when you put on her music.

Writing and playing the guitar from the age of 10, Joy has always used music as a way to make sense of the struggles and celebrate the triumph of life.

In 2015, after years of sending songs to family and friends as gifts, Joy took the plunge and decided to record her very first EP, « Cathedrals » (available on iTunes).

The release of the EP led to Joy’s first ever solo concert of original music. Joy sang and told stories for over 2 hours to an audience of 60+ that crammed into her living room.

« It was wild, » Joy says of the concert. « I didn’t realize that so many people other than family and close friends actually resonated with what I’ve felt all these years.

Inspired by the encouragement of family and friends, Joy moved to LA for the summer to work as a musician. During her time in LA she performed several shows and worked as a background vocalist for other artists.

She eventually decided to stay in LA for the remainder of the year and continue her work full-time. Joy spent the duration of 2015 performing and writing.

During this time, she also managed to raise $30,000 in a Kickstarter campaign for the funding and marketing of her first full-length release, « Carry » (due Spring 2016).

The Kickstarter campaign brought together friends and fans from all over the world (US, UK, France, India, Africa) who were drawn to Joy’s gift of storytelling through song.

The much anticipated release ranges from catchy pop songs about love and trust, to gut-wrenching confessional ballads about loneliness and learning to move on.

« Every song stemmed from a lesson I learned, or a lesson I’m still learning. I write to process and to heal, and I sing to help others do the same. I think this past year has taught me that my voice is one of the few gifts I have, and I can use it to spread a lot of love and lift people up. That’s the heart behind the album, and that’s my motivation as a person too. »

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Joy got in touch with us in September 2015 with only one month left to fund her debut album ‘Carry’ on KickStarter. Her goal was to reach $30,000 on October 23rd. Joy had managed to gather $5000 and wanted to work with us to boost her Kickstarter campaign.

We started by providing Joy with daily banners (countdown pictures) for Social Media to remind people they could help her record her first album. Joy has an incontestable gift and a strong personality, she wanted to find a way to inspire people while encouraging them to join the Kickstarter campaign. We came up with the #PhotogenicJoy concept ‘Let’s capture moment of joys’ to ask her fans to post pictures of things that bring them joy.

On Social Media, we targeted and gained new fans but our main goal was to let her loyal fans know about the Kickstarter campaign. With the help of Joy, we used a personal approach on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to reflect the honesty of Joy’s music.

Joy Oladokun has raised over $ 30 725 in less than a month. She’s currently working on her debut album which is set to be released in the Spring.

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