Emily Davis


Emily Davis is a Contemporary Pop/Blues singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. 

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan she absorbed the city’s rich musical roots and cultural history. She is heavily influenced by the music of Motown and incorporates that sound into her own music. During her high school years she performed in countless musical theatre shows and choirs and then went on to study Vocal Jazz at Western Michigan University. At the age of nineteen she decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue her long time dream of performing her own music. 

Emily and her band consisting of Augustus McCloskey on Guitar, Jazz Lee on Bass, Alex Frizzell on Drums, and Edward Ivory on Piano, have found a way to fuse Motown, Blues and Pop into a unique, contemporary sound all it’s own. They have been playing around the Los Angeles area for the last year perfecting their performances. 

Emily gains inspiration from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Adele, Eva Cassidy and Sara Barielles. Her deep, resonant vocals and stage presence bring the soulful flavors and heartfelt vibe of Detroit to the West Coast. 

Emily is set to release her debut EP entitled ‘Grayscale’  in 2016.


This is an ongoing project. We’re currently working with LA-based Singer/Songwriter Emily Davis in order to strengthen her online presence on Social Media. Emily is currently recording her debut EP. We’re using her amazing cover of Ariana Grande’s ‘Almost Is Never Enough’ available on Soundcloud as a promotional tool to start introducing her sound to the world.

Also, Emily showed a keen interest in developing a strong following in Europe (especially in the UK) our goal is to therefore target this specific market. Emily is about to release a cover of Adele’s hit song ‘Hello’ that we will use to promote her music in the UK.