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Independent singer/songwriter, Delaney Gibson’s unique style of confessional, theatrical-pop music is on full display with her new album, Tall Like the Tree(2014). With the direction of Canadian Producer, Joshua Bartholomew and string arranger, Laura Mihalka, Out came 11 cinematic, brave and intimate tracks.

Delaney has backed musical legends such as Barbara Streisand, Andrea Bocelli, David Foster, Barry Manilow and more. She has also played more than 1,000 engagements across the United States and Europe and recently completed a UK tour, as a backup singer with the popular band Wheatus. She has starred as a singer and dancer on the Fox TV Show, « Boston Public » and on the MTV Show, « My Own ». Delaney has been a vocalist on numerous T.V. segments, shows and commercials including: Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Emmy’s, Chevy, Ebay, and even Baywatch! Her song « La Di Da » has been featured on MTV’s « The Real World » and Oxygen Network’s « The Bad Girls Club ».

Produced by Joshua Bartholomew, « Stars » is the fifth single taken from her third album « Tall Like The Tree ». Delaney dedicates this song to everyone struggling to make a living out of their passion. This song, she says, is is a reminder to be bold, adventurous, and vulnerable.

Our Strategy

Besides the Digital PR campaign we wanted to launch to promote Delaney’s new video ‘Stars’, we decided to create a movement: ‘The #StarsCampaign’. We bounced ideas off each other to come up with the right concept and got inspired by the first verse of her song. «Have you ever taken a picture, naked, scared, and crying? That’d be a beautiful scene.» What if we were to post pictures that make us feel vulnerable instead of posting only the things that make us look good. It is time for us to be more transparent and truthful in what we show to to world. During 2 months (length of our Digital PR Campaign) we asked people to share a photo of them being bold, vulnerable, their true selves with the hashtag #StarsCampaign.